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09-14-2015, 02:26 PM
Hello. I installed my new ROG front base, and I've had many many problems. First of all, the colour is not as I expected, it's very very pale. It doesn't look at all like all the pictures I've seen online. Has anyone encountered this issue? Should I give it back? Here's a picture:
Anyway, that's not the real issue. I looked for answers in many forums and tried many things, but I still have the same problems. After properly installing the Front Base in my computer, I proceeded to try to configure it with it's drivers and firmware, following what was said in the manual I received. I have a motherboard Maximus VII Hero installed, and my Front Base has a V44 sticker, I installed the latest drivers and also the latest firmware (V47, the only one available), and I think this is where the problems started.
When I first plugged it in, the EQ bar was on the screen, but after installing the drivers it disappeared. The EDIT function doesn't make it appear, this function only works to control the fans.
The GHz displayed on the Front Panel don't always relate to the real GHz shown by other programs (I use CPU-Z) It takes a lot of time for the base to show the same values as the software.
After some time, my computer showed me a BSOD, here it is:

Every time I tried to turn on the PC again, the same screen showed. Only after disconnecting all the cables of the Front Base I was able to turn the PC on again. And I haven't tried to plug it in again, I don't want to screw things up. I can't upload the dump files now, I'll upload them later if necessary.
My BIOS is V. 2401, I've read that updating it may be a solution, but my computer is new and I've installed it a few months ago so I'm not sure of doing this, it scares me, to be honest.
Do you think that if I install an older version of the firmware I can fix this? I've seen this version is really really new, and maybe it's not optimized or something like that. Could anyone send me the V44 firmware? I can't find it anywhere, the only one is the V47. Any other solution is welcomed.

09-15-2015, 03:47 PM
Only suggestion comes to my mind is try the latest motherboard bios when using the latest FrontBase firmware.