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09-14-2015, 09:24 PM

I recently upgraded from an 8 year old custom built tower workstation with attached 30" Monitor to a new G751 17" G-Sync Laptop w/ the 970M Video Card and 16GB ram running windows 10.

I wear glasses and have older eyes which I think makes me very sensitive to screen flicker or uneven brightness. It appears that Asus is taking advantage of the fact that a majority of their users are in the younger demographic by providing mediocre quality displays (even if the color accuracy is excellent)?

In any case, I've had to increase DPI by 50% using the custom scaling method, adjust the default refresh rate up to 90Mhz, increase the video card contrast level by 20%, and reduce video card brightness by 10% to have reasonably good white-on-black text. Black on white text within chrome is still a little problematic but can be fine on many websites.

Wondering if I should return the laptop and get one with a larger better made screen or take the G751 as is, and perhaps plan down the road to attach another external display to it. Somewhat concerned that I've had to push the display refresh rate out of the box ...it should have been solid at 75Mhz, but 85-90Mhz makes the eyes feel so much better...even just in the web browser.

Looking for any issues that pushing up to 90Mhz could be causing problems...what symptoms of problems have people seen?


09-14-2015, 10:06 PM
My Monitor Runs at 100hz So Far no such issues I have noticed (its been 2 weeks) Mouse Movement feel smooth web browsing also feels smooth, I honestly in comparison feel 60 HZ Is laggy. Its safe to use I believe from long time use, I stay with my laptop about 6 hours a day and none of those times I noticed any issues with the display running 100 kHz.[/B]

You will not find a better High End Graphics Laptop with Better LCD Out their with The Highest End GPUS, Their is another laptop for example from MSI that Has a TN Washed out Panel, and although it Tries to look better it fails in Color Quality.

Currently All Non-ASUS High End GPUS Laptop Have TN Panels with Very washed out color quality that would make you feel cheated and with the same price. I am not saying G751 Is perfect but the for the Color Quality it seems perfect to me because it uses IPS Technology.

09-14-2015, 10:14 PM
There is a software on ASUS Laptop Called "ASUS Splendid Utility" Try Uninstalling This One.
See if it makes any difference (that Utility affect LCD Color Tone/Contrast etc).

09-15-2015, 06:01 PM
Have you tried to re-calibrate "ClearType" ?
( in windows 8 / 8.1 / 10 ) press start -> type "cleartype", click on "adjust cleartype text" to open up the "cleartype" calibration setup and pick the best rectangle with the clearer text.
after you finish, try to disable/enable ClearType to actually see that indeed it helps
( some plasma monitors don't work good with ClearType enable... but on LCD disply, it's a must ! )

09-18-2015, 01:55 AM
At this point, i am leaning towards finding the laptop screen unuseable. I've literally spent 2hrs/day for the last two weeks trying to tweak it so that it doesn't generate headaches when reading extensive text. I've come to the conclusion that the screen was designed for games/graphics and costs were cut at the expense of text readability and protection from glare. Matte versus glossy/glass like finish on the screen?

My only decent web browsing experiences with the laptop are at high brightness which tire older eyes. It's possible that the solution here is just to connect it to a bigger external monitor, but that defeats the whole point of having the laptop.

Review at this point....everything but the screen and battery is great, screen is designed really only for games/graphics, no real protection from glare and those of us wearing high magnification glasses will find extensive flickering and blurry text.