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09-16-2015, 01:05 AM
hello all, i would like some advice on doing a modest overclock with my maximus hero vii and the 4790k cpu. Right now it is all default with the turbo enabled and the amd gamer series ram is at the rated 2133 speed. With the turbo enabled i am seeing 4.3-4.5 ghz while gaming, but would like to have it at 4.5-4.7 all the time. My temps are no higher than 46 degrees with the corsair h105 cooler. I was able to overclock my 8350 by disabling the turbo and bumping up the multiplyer but the wording is a little different with my intel
board. Here is what i am running...
maximus vii hero motherboard with the latest bios
sapphire r9-290 oc tri-x video cards in crossfire
amd gamer series ram at 2133 mhz ( 16 gig )
ocz 1000 watt power supply
corsair h105 cpu cooler
intel 4790 k cpu
250 gig ssd ( samsung )
2 western digital 1 tb hdd
soundblaster 3d recon soundcard
windows 10 pro
all in the thermaltake x9 case
any and all advice would be greatly appreciated, just looking for the most performance i can get. I have heard good and bad about the ram i am using, so, is it good ram or is something else recommended.
thanks all for the time you take to reply.

09-17-2015, 02:45 AM
Hello grizzleytamer68

Amd ram in an intel board? It's not a problem if it's working for you, is this your kit with 10-11-11-30 timings?

if it is that's a good ram kit.

I'm not sure what you're using for stress testing but I will recommend using ROG realbench, you will get the lowest temps using it.


I like to use ROG cpu-z for voltage monitoring, you can use that if you don't have a cpu voltage monitoring program.


If you want your cpu to run constantly at your overclock, here's an easy way to do it. In the bios on the extreme tweaker tab set the ai overclock tuner to manual, sync all cores and set the cpu core ratio to 47. Scroll down to cpu core voltage and enter 1.35v in the cpu core voltage override then F10 and enter to save and exit.

Once in windows open up real temp, cpu-z and realbench. On realbench click stress test beside benchmark, turn it white and select how many GB of ram you have, the 15 minute test is fine. I like to use realtemp 3.70 for temp monitoring as it gives the core temps, don't use ai suite for temp monitoring it doesn't give the core temps.


Click start and monitor the temps preferably with realtemp 3.70, monitor cpu-z to see the voltage is 1.35v. If the temp goes over 90c stop the test immediately, if it's 90c or below you're fine.

If you pass the test go back into the bios and raise the cpu core ratio to 48, F10 and Enter and test again just like you did. If you pass try the core ratio at 49 and test again. if it fails and your temps are good and you want more, raise the cpu core voltage .01v up to 1.40v and see if 49 stabilizes. For every day use 1.40v is a good voltage to stop at.

Then once you get your maximum overclock, play the most demanding game you have for say 15 minutes with real temp open, alt+tab out of the game to see where temps are. if your gaming temps are 75c or below you're fine.

Let me know what you end up with and what your temps are.

Good Luck !

09-17-2015, 08:41 PM
hey nate, thank you for the reply, printing out your steps now and in the next few days i will be posting my results. The ram you sent a link to is the ram i am using, thank you for the advice on that also.

09-17-2015, 08:47 PM
sorry Nate, one more question. Should i disable the turbo for my cpu?

09-17-2015, 08:53 PM
No, let turbo enabled otherwise your cpu will stick at 4.0GHz.

Please ask all the questions you may have.

11-29-2015, 12:55 PM
Sorry because late respond...
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