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09-24-2015, 08:56 AM
Hi everyone,

I have recently brought the G751JY G SYNC lap top, itís a great bit of kit however I have one issue.
When i connect the lap top to either of my TVs ( Sony/Samsung) and try to play a game the FPS jumps all over the place and wont
rise above 45 fps max, how ever as soon us I unplug the hdmi and use the lap top screen it jumps up to a constant 75fps( with g sync enabled) 60 + when disabled.
Iím new to pc gaming so I apologise if Iím making a oblivious mistake.
Some of the games I have triedÖ.
Project cars( amended tv settings)
Tomb Raider
Elite Dangerous
War thunder

Both TVís are only a few years old.
I have tried..
Different HDMI cables
Making sure G-SYNC is off
Setting the GPU and main phyX device
Out putting to TV only

Any help would be great
Steam: smiles953

09-24-2015, 06:50 PM
Just an update if anyone's interested, when I was connecting to my tv the lap top switched to power saver, set it to high performance and all is cool. School boy error I guess.
Thanks si