View Full Version : G751JY BIOS 209 WiFi Issues - anyone else?

09-25-2015, 01:55 AM
After updating to BIOS 209 I have noticed that my startup is a few seconds longer (I actually see the ROG logo now on boot with he little dots going in a circle) and more importantly my laptop often boots up without auto connecting to my wifi and also sometimes drops the wifi connection and I have to manually reconnect. It was not a problems before I updated and has clearly started just after 209 was installed.

Anyone experiencing this?

09-25-2015, 03:08 AM
you didn't provide much details like your OS type/version, what driver's have you update and so on...
you wish to get solution -> then write more details details details !

The ROG logo affected by the enabled "secure boot" option in the bios.

"wifi not auto connection" -> my opinion... it has nothing to do with bios update...
check in whatever windows version you got, that your wifi connection set to "auto connect".
Plus, in the bios, make sure to DISABLE the "power off energy saving" ( my this weird behavior happens be it happens only after laptop sleeps ? )

The wifi card, ( intel if i'm not mistaken ) is a sh**ty card... has a lot of problems.
I know that when the WoWOL feature enable ( in the intel wifi card ) it causes a lot of sleep-awake problems.
thus, enter the wifi card device settings and make sure to TURN OFF any checkboxs in the "power management" tab.