View Full Version : Why does this keep happening when I start downloading anything?

09-25-2015, 10:19 PM
Can anyone tell me why this happens when I start downloading anything? This is from a Steam download:


- I`m on Windows 10. Asus Rog g751jt.
- Intel Dual Band Wireless AC7260, latest drivers installed.
- The problem is ridiculous on the AC7260 so I had to switch to an Asus USB-AC56 wireless Adapter. The above image is downloading while using the adapter, not the built in WIFI card. Downloading is a lot better on the Asus adapter - download speeds fluctuate from like 3.0Mbs to 10Mbs while the AC7260 is like 100Kbs to 6Mbps. Just to be clear, I get massive spiking in download speeds on BOTH cards but somehow the Asus adapter handles downloading much better.
- Speedtest is 79Mbs Down and 83Mbs Up.
- I'm on my school's network atm and it's pretty damn good so trying a wired connection is not possible. I had the same exact problem at home but I didn't try a wired connection so I don't know.
- No antivirus programs installed.
- Nothing I do fixes this problem.

What the hell is choking my speeds like that? At first I wanted to blame the network or my AC7260 card but I get the problem all the time anywhere I go.

09-26-2015, 01:37 AM
Unless you have control of the network point to point you cant blame this on the wireless adaptor. What drivers are you using, latest is a matter of perspective, post up the numbers. Also check your adaptor configuration. I have the AC 7265 adaptor with intel drivers installed (not asus) on verizon FiOS 100/100 and my wireless flat out screams whether it be internet or LAN file transfers to and from a NAS. Check your adaptor properties as well. Default settings works fine for me.

Dont know what that picture is of but the spikes are not data transfer, the way Im seeing it is your latency is moving around and that is highly dependent on the server you are connected to and the entire network between.

Bottom line is you cant narrow anything down unless you have total control of the entire route. Only way to accurately test wireless performance of your machine is through your own wireless router with either another PC or network storage connected to it and test it with something like lan speed test.

Here is a link to the actual latest drivers