View Full Version : Funny, how to buy ROG Front Panel in Poland from ASUSPRO Gold Partners?

09-26-2015, 08:51 AM
Dear Asus,

Please tell me how or where could I buy in Poland ROG Front Panel v47?
I tried to order FP from two big polish e-shops, but in first they wrote to me `we cant guarantee what version will be packed and send from our warehouse ` (morele.net - http://www.morele.net/info/brand/25/ ASUSPRO Gold Partner LOL :confused: ), from second one they sent me v44 despite I asked 2 times for version v47 (x-kom.pl ... of course ASUSPRO Gold Partner too http://www.x-kom.pl/aktualnosci/2718)... now I am waiting for money back :(.
So, again dear Asus please tell me where or how to byu ROG Front Base in requested revision in big European country Poland if yours Gold Partners are unable to send me right product?