View Full Version : G751 face off, recommendation on which one I should get?

10-01-2015, 03:17 AM
Looking at 2 ROG G751's right now, only 200 bucks apart, looking for owner's recommendation's on which one I should get:

G751JL DS71 CA (www.visions.ca/Catalogue/Category/Details.aspx?categoryId=715&productId=27647&sku=G751JLDS71CA)

Core i7 4720HQ 2.6ghz
1TB 7,200rpm HDD
GTX 965m


G751JL BB71 CB (http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/asus-asus-g751-17-3-gaming-laptop-black-intel-core-i7-4750-hq-1tb128gb-ssd-16gb-ram-windows-8-1-g751jl-bb71-cb/10381814.aspx?path=5e17643e36fe0935643c1c8969f99c3 den02)

Core i7 4750HQ (says 3.2ghz, but I'm pretty sure that's Turbo'd, 4750's are clocked at 2.0ghz)
1 TB; 128 GB (Solid State), 5400 RPM
GTX 965m

I'm leaning on the Best Buy one right now, even though the processor is a little older it still can be turbo'd to 3.2ghz,
and it still has pretty decent benchmark ratings overall. It also has an SSD and double the ram which IMO make up for the
extra $200 in price. I've never owned a ROG before though, so I'm open to opinions.

10-01-2015, 04:30 AM
Why not wait one more month and get G752?

10-01-2015, 04:49 AM
Decent idea, but the timing sucks... I'm going to be in Africa for 2 years and leaving in about a month, so this is my toy for the next couple of years. I'm leaning on the $1699 one however, the processor at only 2.0ghz before turbo is really what I'm asking about.

Do you think there's a huge difference between the 4750HQ and the newer 4710HQ? With Turbo it's 3.2ghz vs 3.6 I think, although the build with the 4750 has a SSD, and double the RAM.

10-01-2015, 06:35 AM
The first one has a 4720, not a 4710. Its 12GB vs 16GB RAM, not double.
I think it's a considerable difference, the 4720 clocks to 3.6 stock.
I would buy the first one because I believe it's always better to get the upgrades that you won't be able to change down the line.

You don't really need more than 12 gigs of RAM, either way. You can get a Samsung 850 EVO 250GB for like...$70-$80 online and a 8 gig stick of ram you can get for less than $40 if you look around, so, no $200 isn't worth it for a 128GB SSD and 4gb of RAM. In fact, even $100 may not be worth it because you don't know what kind of SSD it will come with. I don't think the JL can mount a M.2 drive, either so...

I found that 128GB is not enough for me as a system drive. That, and as small a difference as it makes, the HDD on the first one runs at 7200RPM.

In an ideal situation, I would buy a JT for the 970M, to justify the large size this notebook is gonna have anyways...and then add SSD and more RAM further down the line, they're readily available most anywhere (except maybe Africa).

10-01-2015, 09:38 AM
hey there,

Even though i do agree to Edweird here... in terms of sheer cost and specs.. the 1st option is much fruitful...
but as the same time.. i believe any SSD is better than no SSD.
I'm not sure if you can add an SSD afterwards on your own. based on this assumption. I'll tell you the experience i had with my old laptop.
I had an acer aspire 4750G. 1st gen corei5(2gigs i guess), 4gb ram, and 500 gb hardisk, it server me a good 5 years (saying it in terms of what our definition of good was around 7 years back :P ). i obviously was fed up with the machine as it lagged... simple operations took time,and don't even get me started on the gaming scenario. then i installed a 128gb SSD and removed the HDD (as there was only one bay). and the exact words i'd like to use to describe what happened are... "Mind=blown" it operated faster than it did out of the box!!! I admit it didn't have much of an effect on gaming..maybe coz i was using an ext-hdd and installed my games on that. bt I still have it and its being used at my office for work... and it is decent enuff... just coz of the SSD... imagine .. its nearly 8 years onld laptop and it still runs as fast as any mainstream laptop today which doesn't have an SSD.
Its due to this experience that I preferred having an SSD on my new system.
I have a 751JY, its fitted with a SSD+Hdd setup. and needless to say its blazing fast

also if ur playing in the price bracket of 1700-1900... Y not simply go for the JY.. it costed me around 2200 (equivalent INR). and that was around January of this year.. i'm not sure bt the price would be lower now don't you think?

So yea the ultimate call is yours, and if you are sure that you can fit an SSD, after the purchase, from the "aftermarket". then sure ... go for the 1st option... bt if you cant... then opt for the 2nd one.. trust me it'll pay off in the long run.

Hope i helped. :)

10-01-2015, 09:58 AM
My point was that he should get the model with the 4720 and at the same time also buy a Samsung 250GB SSD, it's instantly better value.
The 12GB of RAM is enough ... just that I'm not sure it's going to be configured correctly to work in dual channel and, of course, being a 8 and 4 gig module setup, that's not full on dual channel, either.

And yeah, I recommend getting at least a JT with the same money and just get a SSD separately because it's cheaper.
I don't think the JL comes with a M.2 PCI-E slot, but it fit does, then that explains the price difference.

10-01-2015, 07:13 PM
Thanks for all the help guys, I'll keep looking. Truth be told, I picked up the first option, but got pissed off when they sold me a demo model for full price, after telling me it was brand new. They then decided to tell me the lowest they could go was $1438, because that was their cost, so I told them to pound salt, returned it and went to Best Buy. I'm glad I saw the specs screen was in there, because they have it listed on paper that the 4750HQ clocks at 3.2ghz, which is a lie. I'll look into the other models you guys mentioned. And yes Edweird, I noticed my mistakes there too, you are 100% correct, 16GB RAM is not double from 12 lol. Perhaps I should mention I'm Canadian, so 1699 isn't the same in CAD as it is in USD. The first option on the American sites I've seen is usually around 1250 or 1300 IIRC.

10-01-2015, 07:22 PM
Option 3 (https://www.mikescomputershop.com/product/5395164)

Looks like this one is my best bet, significantly more expensive, but it's not like I haven't paid this for a laptop before... and I suppose this will be pretty future proof for awhile at least. Just gotta get my wife to let me drop that amount hahah
Thanks again for the help!

10-01-2015, 08:41 PM
Give them a call and ask if that SSD is M.2. Those are the standard US DB models, which, if I recall correctly, aeolisio said all come with M.2 SSDs.

If it isn't, try and get a model without SSD and buy your own for better value. :)
Otherwise, I'd keep a lookout for prices closer to your original choice, just do what you can to grab a GTX970M-equipped one. Also be careful about G-SYNC...the description says it has it but the specs don't...

10-01-2015, 08:51 PM
Yeah I noticed that too, although when I checked the model number with the ASUS Store US, it lists it as a G-Sync... so, could just be an overlooked feature on the write up. I actually found my first option on sale today for $1425, from the same store that tried screwing me yesterday... can't argue with the price as long as it's brand new and they don't try to pawn off a demo on me for the same price. They tried telling me they'd give me the demo for 1438, but that was their cost and they couldn't go any lower... and then I see this gem of a sale on today LOL... maybe I'll go to a different Visions outlet, I think we have 3 in my city, and just order a brand new one for the 1425... once my refund gets credited back to my Visa that is...

10-02-2015, 07:53 PM
at that price point why not look at a JT with the 970m and 16gb?

the CH71 models are M2 ready for what I've read. You just need to buy a caddy for it.

10-02-2015, 09:54 PM
Those are american prices again, but thanks for the additional model numbers to look up. Newegg.ca has the 1499 for 1629 which is actually a pretty good price. If I'm going to ship a laptop, I gotta make up my mind fast though as I'm leaving in just a few weeks. Visions came out with a sale yesterday for the 1499 one I was looking at originally for 1425... kinda pissed that they told me the lowest they'd sell me the demo model is 1438... such is life though.

10-02-2015, 10:12 PM
Okay, last comparison.. I've got it narrowed down to 2.. both I have to get shipped but they both have stuff I want and a small con list.

G751JT-QH72-CB (http://www.canex.ca/electronics/computers/laptops-and-macbooks/asus-rog-gamin-laptop-g751jt-qh72-cb.html#product_tabs_additional_tabbed)

2 TB HDD @ 5400RPM
GTX 970m
Blu Ray Drive
$1899 CAD


G751JT-DB73 (www.ncix.com/detail/asus-rog-g751jt-db73-core-i7-4720hq-d3-110935-1111.htm)
1TB 7200RPM + 256GB SSD (SATA 3)
GTX 970m
$1999 CAD on sale from $2198

The 2nd option is 100 bucks more but has a 4720 vice a 4710, a SSD and a faster 1 TB HDD, (smaller storage, but can easily be rectified with an external HD). But the first choice has a Blu ray drive... I'm pretty sure the SSD, the faster HDD and the 4720 more than make up for the 100 bucks difference vice a blue ray drive.

10-03-2015, 08:56 AM
Also, the second one has G-SYNC, first one doesn't. Pretty sure NCIX is more reliable, too.

10-03-2015, 09:10 PM
NXIC is very reliable, I've made my choice. Lol CANEX is the Canadian version of the American PX, it's price is cheaper than competitor's but nothing is in stock on my base. Hopefully 3 weeks is enough to ship it... may just pay for faster shipping. Also thanks for the help everyone, much appreciated!

10-04-2015, 08:12 AM
get the G751JT-DB73 as it has official G-Sync

10-04-2015, 08:42 AM
get 751jt-db73 with g-sync. 256gb ssd. gtx970m. 4720 processor with same price on your 2nd option at newegg.com

10-20-2015, 05:47 AM
I'm now the proud new owner of a 751JT-DB73 :) Got it at Memory Express original price 2049 or something, price matched with newegg.ca for 1899... not a bad deal with the way our dollar has tanked. Now... any advice on what to use to fix the freakish OEM partitions??