View Full Version : Asus g73sw screen problem black

10-02-2015, 10:39 PM
Help! I dont know what to do my laptop shows no display is a g73sw this is what happens

My dad told me he just closed without turning off while windows was updating because he was in a hurry also this happened before and i thought it was dead and maybe it was video card or graphic card related, tried after like 4 months just hoping the best and revived my dad said he didnt sent to repair after a day the same problem returns and next day is fixed again and continued working for 6 months until now.

When turning on:
The first two times was making the windows noise, and i could turn on/off caps num leds and keyboard leds also the buttons above the caps and num leds so the only problem was the display without the slightest vital sign.

Now after some restarts:
Screen remain as if it was off completely black
Keyboard leds turn on then turn off forever
Power led turn on Battery on (red)
HDD led off
Wireless blinks once and remain off
Caps lock and num leds remain on unable to switch
Fan is working
Three buttons above the caps lock and num leds are with their leds on

When turning off
Only turn off when long pressing power button and doesnt make any weird sound
Already tried turn off and on, external monitor (vga) doesnt work, pressing power without battery and unplugged for like 1 min+, removing RAM one/ both/ switch places, fn+ f7/f8 doesnt work, turn on with/without hdd solve nothing

Thats all i got and cant send it to asus to repair i have no idea what could be the problem