View Full Version : G771JW - throtling at 72, any beta bios that rises limit?

10-04-2015, 03:56 AM
Hi all,

I've read all the topics on other models, but neither was for this specific one.

The limit of 72 degrees for throtling is realy low, for example Skyrim can
be run on high/ultra, but because of downcloak i have to run it on medium for temperature
sake because frame drop is realy drastic. Also i flashed with new 209 version, but it doesn't
seem that version increased it (and neither versions before). Setting 99% CPU helped a lot, but
it realy isn't enough.
I felt this notebook was perfect for my work and for some gaming at side, but it seems its
half good for gaming, and is giving me a lot of trouble with work too since throtling derails

Notebook is little bit than a month old, so i doubt it's only dust issue.

In any case, did Asus release some bios (beta) for this model too?