View Full Version : Bottom Line Up Front: 3rd monitor lags, then freezes while gaming

10-05-2015, 10:57 PM
Good Afternoon

I have 3 Asus 27inch ROG monitors that are set up for Nvidia Surround to power these monitors, I am using an Evga 980 TI.

Bottom Line up Front:: While monitors are in 144hz setting, my third monitor lags, then freezes.

Steps Taken:. I have verified the settings on the monitor to be the same as the other 2. I have tried the following games with
similar result:

Counter Strike
Witcher 3
Battle Field 4

3dMark Test

After installing 3rd monitor and GTX 980 ti, I did a clean install of the NVIDIA Display Drivers.

I tried to run a game from Nvidia Experience Program as well as from Steam.

I do not have my CPU / GPU overclocked. All are at Factory settings.

I am out of ideas to troubleshoot. Request your guys / gals assistance
Attached Log file for more detailed data.