View Full Version : G501 Keeps Waking from Sleep - Fixed Feature Power Button

10-09-2015, 12:29 AM
So i brought a G501 3 months ago and I'm having this frustrating as heck problem with it waking from sleep! Originally had Win 8.1 on it which it came with and straight away it would always wake up from sleep overnight so get really hot in the draw, and it was always..

Fixed Feature
Power Button

I did the usual, check all devices to disable waking the device, no scheduled tasks etc but nothing worked. I did a clean 8.1 install, same deal. Then when Win10 came out I did the upgrade, same problem. Eventually I gave up and did a clean Win10 re-install but the same thing keeps happening and its driving me nuts. I've never had a laptop/desktop ever do this to this degree and its basically meaning sleep mode is pointless on it. Does anyone have any ideas why its happening on the G501 as some googling seems to suggests its a common problem with Asus laptops so I'm starting to regret my purchase now :(