View Full Version : Fan doesn't start after cold boot

10-11-2015, 12:44 PM
Hello, I've bought GL552JX about 1 month ago. There was no trouble till a few days ago. Fan doesn't start after cold boot. Even when the temperature reach in 85c fan doesn't spin. In that time, the upper left corner (beneath air vent) is getting too hot that it's hard to touch the left side. I can't even browse anything because temperature reaches 70-80c within a minute. I've downloaded and ran speedfan software to check the fan speed. Speedfan shows about 4 billion RPM in that time!!

After about 1 hour, fan starts to spin automatically and it goes off and on normally. Everything runs smoothly in that time. I can play high end games without any temperature issue.

Again this same problem occurs after shutting down my laptop. Fan starts spinning after about 1 hours. :(

I've updated my bios to the latest version and changed some settings in power option of Windows 10. No luck. Problem persisted. Can anyone please help me to solve this problem? I'm getting mad to find out the problem. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks