View Full Version : [G750JM] Recording Gameplay and In-Game sounds (annoying audio issues)

10-13-2015, 03:52 AM

Just recently I've been wanting to record a couple of videos. I used Bandicam, and then I forgot about Shadowplay and went ahead and tried that also. For some reason, my problem occurs with both programs and I've come to the conclusion that it isn't any particular program, but rather the way sound is recorded on my laptop.

On each of my recordings, no matter the application, there is a loud buzzing/humming/static/etc sound that is played loudly over the actual in-game audio. On top of that, the sounds have way too much bass and are overall too loud. They sound nothing like the way I hear when recording it. What's interesting is that apparently the programs are recording the sound I hear out of my speakers, and not the direct audio source.

I always wear headphones that have a natural increase in bass, partnered with the windows Audio Enhancements and MaxxAudio, the bass is increased ever so more. Sadly, when I record video, it's recording all of those enhancements and baking it into the audio for some strange reason. When I playback the video, what I hear is an extremely loud video with too much bass, that humming sound (as if ambient fans or air conditioning are being recorded; but I've checked to make sure that audio from mic wasn't being recorded and that it was only in-game sounds). If I turn off all of the enhancements and then listen to the video, everything sounds more or less fine, but the rest of audio (music/internet) that I listen to will all have extremely horrible quality. Why do I have to turn off my settings solely for videos I record to sound right?

I uploaded and showed the video to a friend and somehow he says he didn't have any issues, but it is very annoying to have to deal with that sound quality when playing the video back, even if it's only on my end (which I still feel it isn't just me). Why when I playback the video, the quality is screwed up? I can watch videos all over the internet with no issue whatsoever, however when I record and list to my in-game sounds, its as if the audio is doubling itself up and it's horrible to listen to, let alone edit videos when its of that caliber.

Something I also want to add is that when I unplugged my headphones and then tried recording, the audio from that video playback was very flat because it was coming out of the built-in speakers (as if all the bass was removed); even when I listened to it with my headphones on. Why are these programs recording the sound coming out of my headphones/speakers and not from the actual source that it is being played from (I.E. free of external enhancements)? Can anyone answer this highly annoying issue of mine? Thanks.