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10-13-2015, 09:30 AM

So i put the hdd at the place of the cd rom and a second sdd where the hdd was.

All good but when I turn off the pc or more when I reboot it a strange sound come from the hdd.

Actually is not strange, is just like it suddenly stop, ok is normal but not normal...I mean, I never noticed it when it was connected in its original place.

Is there any settings to "smooth" the way it turn off? Because I'm really afraid it'll not last that longer this way!


10-13-2015, 09:58 AM
Hello xXNEMESIXx and welcome to this sub-forum.

I see now that you've posted 3 new threads in the last couple of days.
I can advise you to not just put in writing what you experience as a consumer, but rather add technical details into the posts - HW full name you own, manufacturer, edition, driver version, OS version & type, any special software that might be related ( A/V, firewall etc ), what have you tried to do so far etc....
The more you put these details, the more help you'll might get.

Another small advise: try your best to search the forum and post your issue in a similar already-opened-thread as this enriches the community's knowledge about that specific subject.
Posting new threads every few minutes, will NOT help you achieve the best/fastest solution.

now, back to your question:
as HDD are mechanical HW, that actually spins, they do indeed produce *SOME* noise when they change their RPM ( usually during boot ).
The CD bay might not be acoustically-prof as the other internal HDD bays.

You shouldn't be worried that much from the noises, if you check to see that the S.M.A.R.T diagnostics (of the HDD you'd put in the CD bay), are OK/"Healthy".
To know if that HDD is "healthy", you can use apps like HD TUNE (http://www.hdtune.com/) ( there is a free version ).