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10-16-2015, 12:29 PM
First of all Hey.

I've had my Asus Rog G750JX since 2013 and still works great, been an Asus member since 2013 as well but dont think i have ever made a post. The people here have solved any issues I've had over the years so there has never been any reason for me to post anything. But i thought i would make this nice little post in case anyone had the same issues as me.

Part 1 Windows Install issues and the great Produkey.

So it all started with the "great" windows 10 upgrade.
My first install from windows upgrade started and then failed. I got stuck in some kind of limbo, with a halfway windows 10 install and a previous windows 8.1. The Windows 10 install actually locked my SSD so i couldn't install a new OS on that drive and had to use my secondary drive thank god for Asus with two drives or i would have been f*****.
I had already made a windows 10 USB so i managed to install that on my other drive.
I did this by restarting my computer pressing F2 on startup also could be described as mashing F2 until i got to the BIOS settings here i turned off FastBoot and then it was just the matter of saving and exiting boot options and again mashing the ESC key(Escape Key) and choosing to boot from USB instead of Windows Boot.
I started Windows 10 after skipping every step to enter product key and got to desktop and then formatting my main SSD from the new windows 10.
So there i was a couple of days ago with a Windows 10 not activated version. No Product key for my previous version of windows 8.. So i did some googling found a great little program ProduKey, it showed me that there is actually a Windows BIos Oem Key installed on this great piece of machinery. This meant that i wasn't completely screwed.
So i went to the Microsoft Windows page used the media creation tool to make a new Windows 8.1 USB.
I then repeated my boot options from earlier and booted from the USB with windows 8.1 and it installed without a problem since the windows 8.1 Key was already stored in my Bios.
From there it was an easy Upgrade to Windows 10 activated copy.

Part 2 Sound Problems.

Windows 10 is great so far it installed all my drivers and everything worked, except Realtek High Definition Audio.
So after some googling i found out that windows now installs drivers automatically, so it didn't matter how many times i tried to install the right drivers from ASUS, Windows would still overwrite it.
Then i found the nice little guide on HTG (How To Geeek) how-to-uninstall-and-block-updates-and-drivers-on-windows-10.
Followed each step for blocking automatic driver updates and reinstalled my audio drivers from ASUS and everything worked perfectly.
Almost perfectly, there is still some cracking sound when i start a program or watch a video, but now i am just happy to have my audio back.
So i'l take a look at that another day.
I hope this will be of help for someone as much it was for me.

Produkey for viewing Windows Keys on your system http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/product_cd_key_viewer.html
HTG guide for Blocking automatic driver updates. http://www.howtogeek.com/223864/how-to-uninstall-and-block-updates-and-drivers-on-windows-10/
Audio driver from ASUS http://support.asus.com/Download.aspx?SLanguage=en&m=Audio&os=30

10-16-2015, 03:51 PM
It's a windows problem.

They will be sending a update fix near the end of October.