View Full Version : G75 screen won't turn on after tear down (remaining piece)

10-17-2015, 02:12 PM

I tried to replace the wireless card of my g75 (several topics explain how to do it in this site) but when re-assembling the computer, I noticed that I had a remaining golden thing that I don't know where to place.

The computer can turn on but the screen remains black, I can hear the windows start sound but can not see a thing. The screen cable seems connected correctly so I wonder if my golden piece is not to blame here, I thought maybe it has something to do with the switch sensor that turn off the screen when the lid is closed.

Does any of you know where this piece belongs or have an idea on how to fix my problem?
Thanks in advance!


10-18-2015, 10:26 AM
Quick update: I just managed to turn on the screen but only once. After one night without touching it, the computer turned on normally this morning, I was able to check that everything worked correctly (the newly installed wireless card, the touch pad and the keyboard that I had to unbranched and the screen). Then I closed the lid, the computer went to sleep mode but when I tried to wake it up, the screen wouldn't turn on.

So I am pretty confident that everything is wired correctly and that the problem comes from the magnetic lid switch. Maybe I had my magnetic screwdriver on the wrong spot for too long and it messed with the switch? Any kind of help would be really appreciated !

10-19-2015, 02:30 AM
Yea I blew one of those gold things out of my notebook cleaning it. back then everyone seem to think it was just a spacer type thing to keep separation? that was a couple of years ago still ok here. You might want to check the cable connections again make sure there fully snapped in tight?

10-19-2015, 07:29 PM
Thank for the heads up, good to know this thing is probably not important. Will try to check the cable one more time but I'm a bit desperate right now

10-20-2015, 12:03 AM
That brass/copper spring is what the manufacturer uses to ground the motherboard to another component (usually the palmrest or top assembly). It really shouldn't be needed though it's easy to fix with a soldering iron. If your computer isn't functional you might as well take it apart and find where that piece broke off. These pieces are usually poorly soldered on. You shouldn't be too concerned if it broke off on accident. Just make sure there's not another one in there completing a circuit or causing a short.

10-20-2015, 03:37 PM

As you can see here, the golden tab is, from facing the screen with the keyboard slightly popped up from the wrist rest, supposed to be located at the left side under the screen corner, right up the back next to the fan intake. There is a little rectangle drawn onto the motherboard where the golden rest is located. In this image, I have put a yellow rectangle at the location of where it belongs (bottom right of image).

Now, to my issue, which coincidently is alike yours.

About 4 days ago, I decided to pull my computer apart to give it a good clean as I have owned the computer for roughly 2 and a half years. I bought it from a friend who had it for roughly half a year. She let me know that its warranty was only two years.

So I am a gamer that spends nearly all of my spare time playing video games, and for the past half a year, have been having issues of over-heating. I had pulled the back cover off and cleaned the fans from the bottom side (which I thought was enough at the time). I'd clean it about once a week, not using canned air which can cause damage to components caused by compressed air and crystallisation. For the past three months, my computer has been idling at around 85-95 degrees Celsius and has been having random crashes part way through a game without warning. My laptop would just turn off, now this wasn't an over-heating issue as they let you know when you turn it back on. I'm assuming from what I have read around and read, it is a shortage from the screen somehow. (that was my first issue, random computer crashes)

So 4 days ago I completely disassembled my computer 53085 and cleaned the motherboard, fan intakes, the skeleton and all other areas of the computer. Put it back together following the guide on YouTube by '365 Laptop Repair' (Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otysJ5C9foI ). Once I put it back together, I turned it on and it was glorious! After playing Battlefield 4 for around an hour, I checked the temperature, surprised to see that it was at 55 degrees Celsius. I went to play another hour or so when the random crashing problem occurred again.

So around 3 days later (yesterday), still having the random crashes, after another random crash, I turned my computer back on and I ran into another issue. I tried to turn my Laptop on and the screen did not turn on, the keyboard did not light up at all and the HDD reading light at the bottom of the keyboard stayed on for around 1 second, then turned off. The laptop stayed on for another 30 seconds with only the left light, charging light and the very right light on, the power button light was on, but there was no other sign that the computer was going to start. The laptop stayed on for around 30 seconds then turned itself off.

I turned it back on immediately, same thing happened. Again, this time started normally. Another random crash again, maybe an hour later and the issue persists. I have disassembled the laptop multiple times since, double checking wires, Hard Drives, RAM sticks, Motherboard, Screen, Etc. I cannot find out what has happened. I have called ASUS Support and told them that my warranty is void, either by the warranty time is exceeded or for cleaning my laptop (which I think is complete bull****, it is unusable when it is overheating and you cannot rest it on your lap because it burns you, I have 2nd degree burns on the top of both my legs because of my laptop.) Plus, I don't see the point if you have to send it in to an ASUS repair shop to have it cleaned without voiding warranty. having it gone for possibly 2-3 weeks for a clean. Like, come on. I ordered an A/C Adapter from them, because mine had done itself in. It took a week and 3 days for them to confirm my payment of $132 AUD and another week and 2 days to send an overnight package. Like. That's just poor customer service.

Anyway, it is going to cost $55 AUD to get it assessed for repairs, then possibly another $150-$250 (if I'm lucky) to get it repaired.

Sorry, this went from helping you, to my problems, to a rant of their poor customer service.

I hoped this helped you and I hope that ASUS can hurry things in the future.