View Full Version : Questions to Asus G750J(S) Owners

10-17-2015, 10:49 PM
So i just bought a G750JS on amazon ware house deals ("very good" condition) and i have a few questions to which i couldn't find the answer to online.

1) Apparently (i get controdicting information on this) there is a pair of 128GB M.2 SSDs in the laptop but i cannot tell if they are running off SATA3 or PCI-E. Or is there just a SATA3 256GB SSD in it?

2) Is there a third sata drive slot under the keyboard?

3) With this model i am receiving 8GB, are the DIMMs in the "insides" (under the keyboard) or in the hot swap bay.

4) I heard bad things about optimus in regards to csgo (and other game) fps numbers, has anythign changed? Do you use optimus?

5) Apparently the fans are louder than with the G73 series and even run when under very small loads. Do you use a program to tune the fans or are they actually really quiet / don't kick in unless gaming?

6) I also heard of the SSDs coming unRAIDed out fo the box. What is the command to enter the bios and where do change the settings for RAID 0 in the BIOS?

7) There is apparent flickering with some G750JSs. Is there anyway to fix this without having to send it in for RMA / replacement?

10-19-2015, 04:11 AM
I don't own a G750GS but I saw that no one has answered your questions so I'll do my best to help.

1) There are different versions with different storage options so not everyone has the same. Whatever the the seller advertised in the specs is what you should get. You can check storage information in BIOS to find out what drives are installed, and if it comes with two SSDs then yes it should be setup in RAID 0 and they should be regular SATA3 and not M.2 SSDs.

2) This laptop should come with just two HDD slots, and as mentioned in the specs of the product page (Dual HDD support).

3) This I'm not sure but please be aware that a lot of newer laptops will come with onboard SODIMMs where the memory modules are soldered on the motherboard. If that's the case they will have normally 1-2 open slots for you to upgrade, just check the laptop manual on where the slots are located.

4) Should have no problems, but I heard some people say that the dedicated video card doesn't kick in when you launch the game and it ends up using the chipset video card instead. If this happens, just go into Nvidia control panel and make sure you select the programs to run Nvidia high-performance graphics.

5) There are a ton of software that will allow you to control the fans on your laptop, I'll leave this to your own to find out. If your main purpose is to reduce noise while gaming, I would highly recommend that you don't. There's a reason why the fans which are PWM and are running at very high speeds while gaming, it's because it needs to make sure that the laptop is cooled effectively during the entire gaming session. Every time when you manual control the temperatures, you risk reducing the life span on your laptop because heat is the number one thing that ends up killing the laptop.

6) Go to the product page for the G750JS and download and install the Intel RAID drivers first. After turn off system and go into the BIOS and make sure that under SATA controller you select RAID, press F10 to save and exit. Go back into BIOS and click on Intel Rapid Storage Technology to create RAID volume. It depends on your laptop version, on my last ROG laptop this is what I had to do so I'm just providing this as a reference for you.

7) Could be unstable BIOS, check to see if you have the newest BIOS, if not then use flash drive to flash to the newest BIOS. Check online for guides on how to use Easy Flash.