View Full Version : G751JT Battery not charging @ 0% with 40% wear

10-19-2015, 01:17 PM

I started to notice battery stuck at 84% or 85% this week and not getting charged fully. I loaded up AIDA64 and well it shows wear levels btw 39 and 41%. And Battery only charges up to 45000 mWh that is half capacity at most.

I don't drain my battery a lot. I have 2 face Power cuts daily but I usually goto sleep b4 it gets to 95% to avoid unnecessary charge. Laptop is around 3 months old. I think this all started when I let it run on battery upto like 40% once recently. But that's hardly a wrong thing 2 do. Battery also goes nuts and stops reporting charge suddenly or starts blinking Battery led suggestion charge is below 10%.

I been trying all week to get it to charge back up but things have only gotten worse. Now I got battery at 0% charge and it wont charge back even though window is telling me its charging. On removing Power it shuts off immediately.


Things I tried.
* Discharge and let it be for 10 hours. reconnect and let it charge.
* Hold Pwr button on Asus logo for 10 secs until battery led blinks.

It seems to be dead right? I am Hating built-in design. It would have been simple troubleshooting with replace-able battery. Anything possible here? I would hate to return my main Work PC for warranty claim.


10-19-2015, 01:29 PM
I would get rid of Power4Gear for starters. What BIOS version do you have? There have been many EC firmware BIOS updates that are supposed to deal with these kinds of issues. If your battery has indeed died so quickly, then it would have been a faulty unit, which should be covered by warranty. It might be that the battery power level indicator is going nuts and just reporting it wrong and it may be that the laptop shuts itself off automatically because of that (though it's far more likely that the battery is just dead and the laptop just can't boot up because of it).

I've never seen a battery die so fast, so I'm on the fence.

My JY is almost 1 year old and the battery wear is at like...3%. I use it for a couple of hours a month on battery.

10-19-2015, 03:02 PM
Lucky me! I had atleast some charge showing up yesterday. Now WinFlash wont proceed because battery is at 0%

I didn't know there have been any recent BIOS updates regarding EC FW. Last time I checked it only had like G-Sync updates. But now it wont Flash.

10-19-2015, 09:24 PM
Can some one help to bypass AC Power and 20% battery requirements for Flashing.

Something like WinFlash /nodate ?