View Full Version : Touchpad stops working properly after atomatic driver update 2 days ago

10-25-2015, 06:18 AM
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Posted by Bubbi:



2 days ago I suddenly experience strange behavior on my ASUS G751JY. It was like my left mouse button is pressed all the time.
I have latest drivers installed and I also installed yesterday driver (smart guesture but no luck). In my icon for smart guesture its showing like left mouse button is pressed all the time. I can move mouse but nothing else as "left" button is intefering with other options.
If I connect external mouse I can do anything with it but touchpad remain stuck.

What I've tried:
1. Uninstall all drivers on my laptop. No changes
2. Install newest version off all drivers available on ASUS download pages- No changes
3. Try to install old smart guesture. No changes
4- Try to install ELAN driver. No changes
5. Install new ATP package. No changes

I dont know what to do anymore as touchpad is USELESS now.


I also try to boot in safe mode. Same thing. I also break apart button to see if something stuck but no. Also, when I tap once on taouchpad (not button) in smart guesture I also see like my left button is pressed all the time.

If I tap touchpad with multiple fingers and remove it then in smart guesture I have reading like I'm constantly holding 1 finger on it.

Should I bring it to service or its software (after not working in safe mode I'm starting to think its hardware problem).