View Full Version : What is difference between ASUS ROG G751JY DB72 and DH71 models ?

10-26-2015, 09:03 AM
Hi friends. At first, if post thread in a wrong place, sorry for this. I live in Azerbaijan, and want to get one of ROG notebooks that can handle my gaming requirements when i am not at home. And found G751JY models are best for it. But there is some weird situation that i could not find in web. There is no specifications difference between two models DB72(this got G-sync if i am not wrong) and DH71 . But price for DH71 is almost 200$ more than DB72 in Asus online store. Please explain me, is there some specfic difference i just pass or this is area based models like for America or for Europe ( i don't believe in this tho) . And which to get compared them.

10-26-2015, 09:13 AM
i think the DH71 is the initial model and at that time price was higher due to hype, as it is like pre-order with games.