View Full Version : 1 1/2 year old G750JW-DB71 has had three motherboards

10-26-2015, 05:01 PM
Bought laptop from XOTIC PC in February 2104. Worked for a week. Sent it back and they sent it to ASUS for a new motherboard. This happened two more times and laptop worked for 6 months. Then downloaded an NVDIA GPU update (had done this previously with no apparent problem). When started up after update, the WiFI and HDD LED lights blink back and forth and no video. Had local PC tear this laptop apart. Check of CPU and GPU with no problems. He can only think of a new motherboard. Cost to me from XoticPC would be $600 since out of warranty. I have spent a fortune on this machine with shipping costs and am wondering is it worth it to go with another MoBo or chuck the whole thing and go with another vendor. I have seen reports where ASUS is not helpful in resolving problems. Help. Ed