View Full Version : ASUS G551 Touchpad is not working

11-03-2015, 12:10 PM
Hello everyone,
I have laptop G551JM. THe problem I am facing is with the touch pad. I have installed Asus Smart Gesture using the download link in the official support website for my particular model. I have installed ATK package as well, using the same source. Everything is working except from the touch pad. The keyboard back-light works fine, all the hotkeys including fn work as well. Even when I press fn + f9 for touch pad the icon in the task-bar is changing but still the touch pad does not work. When I go to device manager everything seems to be good. It says I am using the latest drivers and so on. I have unchecked the option for auto switching off the touch pad when a mouse is plugged in.
Any suggestions ? I will appreciate any kind of help