View Full Version : Gl552jx touchpad randomly stops working

11-05-2015, 07:51 PM
Please guys, I need help.

My touchpad randomly stops and has started again last times only when I was notified of an update for my video card. Then it stopped again and restarted after I updated that driver. Now it stopped again
I have reinstalled the touchpad driver and the atk package a couple of times but it didn't work.
I can only find the touchpad in device manager when I click on show hidden devices and it says code 24 and device is not working properly. Also, on startup, smart gesture program doesn't start.
Oh, I have to mention that fn+f9 doesn't turn it on. Also, I'm using win 8.1 so there shouldn't be any driver related issues
One more thing, I'm not able to use system restore. Not even in safe mode.
Any suggestion will be very apreciated. I'm thinking about reinstalling the os but maybe there's some way I can avoid going that far.