View Full Version : Need some help with my G751JY sound

11-06-2015, 02:13 PM
Greetings everyone. I own the G751JY-T7132H and I'd like some assistance with my sound. Here's the story; I'm using the Razer kraken pro headset (not the ones with the USB, the others that are connected through the audio jack) and when I plug them in my IPhone 5S I get blasted by the bass but when I use them at my laptop I don't feel any bass. At first I had the impression that my phone was better but then I thought no way is a phone better than a gaming pc. (On my pc) I have installed Razer surround PRO but I have the surround feature (the one that e.g. you hear a helicopter flying around you) is turned off and I'm using the Realtek thing my PC has installed. Is that the case maybe? Should I turn the surround feature on? My audio is at 48000 hz (the default one).Don't recommend me raising the hz thing because I tried once the last scale (980000 hz I think the number was) and although it sounded better it was absolutely not compared to my phone's bass and at explosions and other effects and especially when gaming without my charger plugged in the sound was breaking up at some points because it couldn't handle it (I heard a bit of static from time to time). Thanks in advance 😀

11-06-2015, 06:22 PM
these may be helpful