View Full Version : GL551JW proper update BIOS? Bios model changed from GL551JW to G551JW

11-13-2015, 03:29 PM
Hello there.

I've just updated my GL551JW-DS74's BIOS using the "WinFlash" provided by Asus and realize that my BIOS's model had changed from GL551JW to G551JW ...

Thanks all xD

Is that all right? or There is none punctual BIOS version for GL551JW model?

by the way, last version seems to be 207, build date 08/03/2015

Thank you!

11-14-2015, 01:47 AM
Hmm the GL552 I think seems the G551 are all just G551? How ever If you got it off the Asus Support Download (http://support.asus.com/download/options.aspx?SLanguage=en&type=1)page for your notebook it should be fine.