View Full Version : Restore G750JS without any backup device ? Or install a clean Windows instead ?

11-15-2015, 01:30 AM

I bought 6 months ago a G750JS, with WIndows 8.1. I did not pay attention enough to my friends' advices, anddid not backup anything at this time.

I migrated 3 months ago to Windows 10, but I am facing issues (especially with Touchpad and when computer goes to sleep, he restarts instead of waking up). Having crosschecked with friends, it started to happen after having upgraded drivers and softwares directly from the devices constructors (Intel for Chipset, IRST and MEI).
I tried then to use BackTracker to copy the recovery partition to a USB key, but it has disappeared ; maybe did I delete it when the upgrade to Windows 10 finished, I am not sure. If it was, I am paying for it now :'(

I tried to buy from Service Shop a Restore support, but none is available when I use my S/N.

So I have several questions :

- how to restore without recovery media available on Asus Service site ?
- is it possible to install a clean Windows 8.1 or 10, and then use the drivers and apps available on the support page for the G750JS ? Some of them are quite old, and I wonder once installed, if I can update them through the Windows Device Manager or using other tools (like Driver Booster).
- is there any risk to update drivers by using the "official" ones from the constructor, instead of the ones provided by Asus support site ?
- when I check on the main support site (http://support.asus.com/download/options.aspx?SLanguage=en, not on my laptop support page) I noticed 2 things :
* when I search drivers or apps (not on my computer support, sometimes not the latest versions appear to be the most recent updated, is it a display bug ? Should I take the last version or the most recent ?
* some drivers contains some architecture names inside their name (e.g. Chipset_Intel_Broadwell_Win81_64_VER10020) or just a letter (e.g. Bluetooth_D_Broadcom_Win10_64_VER1201650), are they different from the same "raw" version drivers ?

Thanks for any reply which can help me, I would like not to send the computer to the service center just for this kind of things, as I am not sure the center will handle it.

11-15-2015, 01:42 AM
If you don't have anything important on the laptop, just wipe it and toss on a fresh copy of Windows 10.

Upgrading is stupid, there's always stuff that breaks and ruins things, however for Windows 10, sadly it's an essential step as it upgrades your product key from 8.1 to 10 at their servers.

So now that you've upgraded your key, you can download 10 no problem from google, toss it on a 4gb flash drive (it fits, don't worry) and just install. No problem.

Drivers? It'll install it all on it's own. If there's anything that could be missing, it's the ATK Package (for the F1-F12 keys) and possibly your touchpad, RealTek+MaxxAudio driver package. Of course your NVidia Driver won't be up to date, but that's simple to do as well.

You can find the Touchpad (by ELAN?) ATK Package and RealTek+Maxx Audio on the Asus Driver site.
http://support.asus.com/Download.aspx?SLanguage=en&m=G750JX&p=3&s=521 (Hit 'Change your Model' and find it.)

Just grab the NVidia one from GeForce.com

11-15-2015, 03:03 PM
Hi Darnassus,

Thanks for the advice. I always use another disk than the one used by the OS to save my documents so no risk to lose anything.

Regarding which drivers I should use then, I will first install the ones from the laptop support page if any issue (I am not sure I will have ROG AudioWizard installed, ok for MaxxAudio but I understood ROG AudioWizard GUI was installed at the first out-of-the-box launch), but if I want up-to-date drivers, should I use :

- the ones directly from the constructors
- or the ones on ASUS support site
* in the second case, there are a lot of versions depending on the architectures, should I take them
* or the ones without the architecture precision in their names ?