View Full Version : ASUS ROG Gladius Original Japam OMRON

11-16-2015, 06:37 AM
It's nice that ASUS give with Gladius real original Japan Omron switches.
They are used before many years and still work today absolutely same.
But some manufacturers install only China Omron and their quality special after many months of use is not as Japan Omron.
If you look them better even plastic and metal alloy is different, little different materials and details. On first look is visible that Japan Omron are better.
I found these pictures accidentally and I didn't know that China made own Omron switches...
Because usually manufacturers only say Famous Omron Switches and customers immediately think on very durable Japan switches used before 20 years and many customers remove them from old mouses...

Differences are obvious...bottom is Japan.
People say better quality control, etc...


As you see simple better part and his cheaper version. They are not expensive,
but it's nice detail at least if you know that inside package is something real good.
Because they are similar, but not identical...



Thanks to guy who explain this even if I don't need mouse in next few months my next will be probably Gladius.
It's not so expensive, affordable. It's little different than Hassium Pro or MX Board 6.0 but never mind.

These are swtiches inside Gladius box...