View Full Version : G752VT-RH71 PCIe NVMe raid issues

11-17-2015, 12:43 AM
Hi Guys,
Picked up a new Asus G752VT-RH71 on Saturday. Also bought 2 new Samsung 950Pro NVMe SSD's with hopes of running RAID0.

I spent over 6 total hours tweaking BIOS, and on the phone with ASUS Tech Support, however couldnt get the laptop to allow for CTRL-I raid configuration.....

Both drives installed fine, show up in BIOS. Hell, for the fun of it, even loaded WIN10 onto one of them with clean install just to tryout laptop.

In the end however, I gave up and returned the laptop today. I truly think the BIOS revision isnt setup properly to allow for RAID on PCIe drives.

Has anyone else picked up one of these new laptops and been successful with RAID0 through PCIe?