View Full Version : G55 - JW help on adding an SSD to already existing HDD

11-25-2015, 03:05 PM
Hi guys. Im new here and i just got a G551JW with 1TB hdd only. I also bought a Samsung 256SSD to add, and move the HDD
to the ODD. I read some articles on how to clone the OS, but im a bit confused on the process, specifically with when to connect
the SSD in place, and when to install and connect again the HDD.
After the cloning? Or i should connect both discs first and put then in place and then start cloning?

Any help by someone to guide me through simple steps on how to do it? (not the cloning part, im fine with it. Anyway the
laptop is vanilla, so no additional files apart from the already preinstalled).

Any help wou;ld be highly appreciated!!!