View Full Version : New GL551JW-WH71 - how to know CL of Ram before laptop arrives from Newegg?

11-25-2015, 03:35 PM
Snatched one up off of newegg for 729$.

Wanted to add 8gb ram stick and a SSD.

I wanted to get the ram on sale during all the thanksgiving discount sales, but people have been telling me to be careful that the Ram is compatible with whatever brand comes inside the laptop.

Can anyone advise please?


11-25-2015, 06:04 PM
The ROG GL551 has two memory slots, each can accomodate an 8GB DDR3L/PC3L SODIMM, up to 16GB total memory.
Your GL551JW model apparently comes with 8GB 1600MHz CL11 1.35 non-ECC DDR3L SODIMM, although I can't tell if Asus installed 1x8GB SODIMM or 2x4GB SODIMMs. If you have one empty SODIMM slot then you can populate it with an exactly matched SODIMM (look at the memory part number), if both slots are already filled then you can only upgrade memory by removing both SODIMMs and installing better ones.

ROG G551 memory upgrade guide here. (http://rog.asus.com/376092014/g-series-gaming-laptops/g551-upgrade-guide/)

And here's a list of G551JW memory upgrades on a German vendor site (http://www.interngeheugen.com/kingston/92951/asus-asmobile-gl551-notebook-gl551jw.html). You don't have to buy from them, of course, but at least it's a handy list of compatible SODIMMs.

11-25-2015, 11:11 PM
Hey Korth,

Thanks a bunch for the response!

12-07-2015, 06:37 PM
I bought the same model GL551JW-WH71 for $729 through newegg

As soon as I got it, I took off the back and wrote down everything from the included 8gb ram stick. After searching Amazon this is what it matched with


If yours came with a different stick, just make sure you get the low voltage stick (1.35m)

It's in the mail Im expecting it in a day or two... Ill let you know how it goes

I also ordered a SAMSUNG 850 EVO 2.5" SSD

I cannot wait to install these. My buddy has a legit windows 7 pro key so I wont be doing any cloning just a fresh install and update to windows 10 for free. I cannot wait to see how lightning fast this baby will be. This is quite the steal IMO with only spending $79 on a 250gb ssd and $47 for an addition 8gb ram stick. I havnt played any high demanding games so far (diablo3, left4dead2, AoE, steam games) but I've been very impressed with this entry level gaming laptop.