View Full Version : Upgdating Bios during Mobo Switch?

11-25-2015, 07:20 PM
Hey guys! So the saga continues...now $600 deep in my quest to fix my G750, I'm pretty well to the point where I could have just bought a used one...never the less.
So here it is, I got everything working except the screen. It works but it's white. I figured I had a bad screen so I bought and installed a new one, same problem. All the screen does it light up bright white, but wont display. HDMI works fine on a tv.
I had to install a new (used) motherboard as I accidently broke the LCD port on the motherboard. Both my old mobo and the new one show bios rev 2.1 I believe it was. Does the new mobo need to have the bios flashed to work with my parts? The whole thing works fine just no display on screen. I assume it doesnt need flashed. I assume one of these parts I have is no good....Maybe a bad lvds cable? but honestly how often does something like that go bad. And yes everything is secure and clipped in...any ideas?