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11-27-2015, 04:18 AM
Howdy. I just bought a new battery for my G75VW and I was wondering if there is any recommended technique to "conditioning" the battery before/during first use? I've read there are different schools of thought on this and I'd love to get some opinions.


11-27-2015, 04:41 AM
Same chemistry as any other Li-ion or Li-poly battery. I wish more people with laptops and smartphones understood this, lol.

New battery - let it fully charge, then let it partially (say 1/3 to 2/3) discharge, then repeat this about a half dozen times.

Avoid ever letting the battery reach full discharge, avoid simultaneously charging/discharging when in the red. Meaning don't keep the laptop on when battery is critically low, don't even operate the laptop on AC power when battery is critically low. If/when the battery ever reaches this critically discharged state you should "recondition" it again. Irreversible anode corrosion and electrolyte saturation (which permanently reduces maximum charge capacity) are caused by age but greatly accelerated by sustained discharge, so avoiding full discharge will substantially prolong battery life. Simultaneously charging and discharging the battery isn't harmful in itself but makes it produce a lot of heat which also permanently reduces battery longevity, avoid this if you can or at least always use a laptop cooler when operating off battery and AC power together.

You can do whatever you want with your laptop (and its battery) of course, but treating the battery well will give you about 30-36 months of fully useful battery lifetime ... instead of 6-12 months fully useful lifetime followed by another year or two of weak-volted feeble-capacity partially-useless battery.

Batteries get a little better every year, expect maybe 10% greater energy density annually. Any replacement battery you buy a few years from now will likely hold more power than the one you have.

11-28-2015, 02:42 AM
Thanks for the detailed information Korth...and the "why" instead of just the "what". While we're on the topic, and since you seem to have more knowledge on the subject than the average joe, here's a follow-up question for you: I've read/heard mixed advice on whether or not it is bad for a laptop battery if you almost always run it off of AC and never let the battery decrease at all. For example, I've heard that treating a laptop effectively as a desktop and always keeping it plugged in, essentially never really using the battery, will diminish the life of the battery significantly. Is this fact...or fiction?

Thanks again.

11-29-2015, 04:40 PM
Ok my notebook was 3 years old in July. I have seldom ever run it on the battery. I have done nothing at all for the battery I have only taken it out to work on the notebook. I just now unplugged it so we'll see how long this 3.5 year old battery last. My power profile is High Performance. I have several Gadget running and IE 11 two instances running. my battery was showing 99% after unplugging it. The Icon is informing me I have 1 hour 58 minutes of battery time left. I'll edit once my battery gets to 20% or so.

I consider these desktop replacement 17" notebook to use the battery as a UPS!

Edit after 20 minutes my battery is reporting 2 hr and 2 min remain 87%. I think this takes It out of the barley hanging on mode?

At 45 minutes my battery is reporting 59% and 1 hr 15 min remaining.

Make your own decision on how to treat your battery my experience tell me that these batteries need no special attention and they last a good while. These notebooks were never designed to be used on the battery your CPU and GPU will be throttling to conserver battery time. Mine when new lasted about 2 hour with any kind of work going on.