View Full Version : Realbench Bluescreen kmode exception not handled, i7 6700k

11-27-2015, 11:38 AM
Hello,I tested my computer with Intel Burn Test, Prime 95 (1344K, 864k) for hours and had no problems, BSODs so far

getting with Realbench the followding BSOD after 10-15minutes: kmode exception not handled

What could this be?

My System is:

i7 6700K 4,5GHZ 1,312Vcore
Asus Z170 Deluxe 1302 Mainboard
32 GB DDR 4 3000 RAM
Samsung 1TB 850 Pro SSD
Corsair 850RMI Netzteil
GTX 980ti 359.00

Windows 10x64, all drivers are up to date

BIOS Settings:

CPU Vcore 1.312V
Memory XMP
DDR RAM 3000

VCCIO 1,15V (had to raise because of Prime 95, otherwise worker stopped)
System Agent Voltage 1,2V

What can this kmode exception bluescreen be?

I try to test always Realbench with 32GB of Ram for 1Hour, but crashing after the 10-15minutes