View Full Version : 552VW Linux mostly successful

11-27-2015, 03:19 PM
After days of trying to get Linux Mint installed on my new 552VW, I've found the recently released 17.3 beta to work for the most part. After installing on a 250 gig m2 ssd that I added, I was able to use the driver manager to install the nvidia 352-63 driver. Video is working in in HD. When I plugged in a 24 inch monitor via hdmi, the nvidia driver is treating it as one screen at 3840x1080 resolution and won't let me make the larger screen the primary. The touchpad doesn't work, but my Logitech wireless keybd/mouse works fine. Kernel is what came with 17.3- 3.19.0-32-generic. Previous attempts to upgrade to 4.3 kernel resulted in hard lockups at login screen. Even with the 4.3 kernel when accessing via recovery/root shell, still no sign that Linux recognized the Skylake pieces.