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12-02-2015, 06:08 PM
I just unpacked a gladius and played around with it for about an hour now and really like it and would like to keep using it.
It really fits my hand and *******ized grip style perfectly it's like they molded it for me (the mouse wheel is a couple mm to far back other then that its perfect).
BUT it is practically useless when the lift of distance is so this bad.

How bad/huge is it?
As far as i have figured out is that around 6-7mm lift off the mouse works just as "good" as it is placed on the mousepad 8-9mm lift off the mouse pointer still works but pretty bad as in jerking around.
I'm 100% certain that 6mm lift off works really good since i placed the mouse on two plastic cases (front and back) that is 6mm high and left/right works really well up/down works good too but can not go as far with the mouse before it "falls off" the plastic.

I have tried changing the lift off distance settings but don't really see any difference at all, also tried different surfaces and manually calibrating (and lift off settings for all) but do not see or fell any difference at all.
Mouse mat i have tried everything on is a mionix sargas SK (cloth) i also tried (but not played with settings on those) steelseries qck that is really worn (cloth), one generic worn cloth, one glas.
Also tried on two different wood surfaces.
And ALL have the same lift off distance 10mm+ to avoid that the mouse pointer move at all and the 6-7mm lift off that works fine.

I do have two plastic mats somewhere that i'm gonna go dig for now and test i'm almost hoping they works the same since i never liked using plastic mats.

And before buying i search around for quite a long time and find nothing at all that this mouse have a huge liftoff distance or problems with that quite the opposite everyone says lift off distance under 1,5mm.
So is there something wrong with this mouse or do they simply have this huge lift off distance?
I would guess wrong since there would most likely be an outrage if the lift off distance would be this huge.

I did find one plastic mat (func u10.s that is way to small and i hate plastic mats) tried it and it is better.
with that it's only 2-3mm (and still works ok that is) lift off distance instead but still way to high when i'm used to zowie fk1 and MS intellimouse 1,1 (yes still use it 10+ years after buying it) that both have considerably less lift off distance (especially zowies that is way under 1mm).

01-03-2016, 12:14 PM
asus with the quality support as usual. can't even bother replying, that's caring.