View Full Version : Asus G750JH getting Heat/Fan/HDD problem?

12-07-2015, 05:46 PM
Hello. Im new at this forum since i never had problems with my computer before, and i am sorry for my bad english but im gonna try.

Since 2 days back when i had a lan-party at my place my Asus g750jh asus 750jh-4080th was starting to actin strange. It began
sounding like a lawn mower/rattle noise and this have happend once or 2 before. So i started looking up the temps ( I dont rly remember what the idle
temp was from the begining and is normal of the gpu/cpu etc in this notebook. Idle temps when almost doin nothing on the computer besides
writing this thread my idle temps are: CPU [45-50C] GPU [60-65C] MRBOARD [45-50C] HDD [30c] at the same time the computer is in a almost idle
state its sound like the fan and one of the hard drive is working hard ( This idle state does occur from time to time but more often now it

Ingame temps when only playin games like Counterstrike GO the gpu rise the temprature of 90-93C. High temps make the gpu drop frame rates
should i be worried? Besided the annoying sound from the GPU/HARDDRIVE (FAN RATTLE?) I clean my computer around 2 times per mounth but not inside
it im worried to break something..

I googled around. Did not find any good answear. I have a Asus display connected to the laptop if that makes any diffrence... but i never
had this of a big problem with this before. Please help!

12-07-2015, 10:02 PM
Repasting. People keep forgetting that. A thermal compound will only do you so good for some time. Repaste it and you'll see drop in temperatures.