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12-08-2015, 10:32 AM
I have a G751JY, Only issues I can think of are my wireless card plays up, it can drop connection and regardless of how many times i click the network center or try to access it from anywhere else (not the task-bar) it won't work until I reboot. I've had some sound issues with the laptops speakers but I don't care because I run Steelseries H wireless all the time.

On point though, I play a lot of games and so far the machine has given me no issues and has handled everything very well. I notice temps average 65 for both cpu and gpu under load, I'm installing a new 6 Kw air-con so i expect this to drop again, I also have a laptop cooling dock underneath.

I do not download illegal programs on this machine and I run protection consistently. Yet as of today I've noticed this glitching or artifacting from Black Ops 3 that I've never had before and more to the point it's getting worse every game.

At first it was here and there, now it's every few seconds so naturally i'm concerned for my machine. Temps check out, nothing running in the background and I haven't tested other games yet, Will give BF4 a go soon. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this before with this machine?

Here is the link to youtube to see this

12-08-2015, 05:10 PM
About ONLINE GAMING LAG - Please visit& READ this wonderful and comprehensive thread about the Intel Wifi Card (https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?61182-Intel-s-Wireless-Adapter-7260-Troubleshooting-Ping-Issues).
About Temp related - Make sure you're connected to AC - don't expect to get same performance when on battery only.
Temp of the G751JT/Y during gaming can reach ~70-80 [C] - this is normal.
Make sure the bottom of your laptop has air access as it draws air from beneath and getting it out in the rear.

if you think your CPU FAN doesn't kick-in when it should be ( in term of Temp ) - You can try to use FanControl App (https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?58501-Making-of-quot-Official-NotebookFanControl-G751JY-Profile-quot).

also, you wrote "I run protection consistently" - Internet Security apps CAN make your gaming slow, if they hammper your CPU ( E.I it runs a scan during gaming OR poorly configured in the firewall ).
google your specific firewall app to see any reports about specific game.
also, in some A/V there is a "gaming mode"... might help also.

12-08-2015, 11:34 PM

TL;DR = Everything seems fine in respect to your advice, have you by chance seen the video I posted?

Thank you so much for taking the time to give me some advice, I know you did not have too.

I believe I have covered everything you have mentioned. You caught me out on the protection, as a default I disable Kaspersky when I game =)

Based on your temp guide I'm sitting at a cool 5 degrees below your average minimum under load. Air-con got installed today so I've noticed a further drop due to lower ambient temps.

I hate to be a bother but did you by chance look at the link I posted? In the first 5 seconds of the video you can see what I can only describe as artifacting but I feel my words are misplaced.

EDIT: Thank you for the link to the AC issues. I was not aware of that thread and it seems I will get some great results by following the instructions. I'm very grateful for that.

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12-08-2015, 11:45 PM
I hate to be a bother but did you by chance look at the link I posted? In the first 5 seconds of the video you can see what I can only describe as artifacting but I feel my words are misplaced.
These "artifacts" can caused by heat.... BUT can be caused ALSO by nvidia driver as well as from non patched game...
if you're on stable Nvidia driver... try to update to a later beta driver...
if you're on beta... return to stable release driver...
if you're on latest stable... downgrade to previous stable driver...
as you see - you need to play with that....

Make sure to check "clean install" when you run the nvidia install.
Try also to wipe CLEAN the nvidia driver after you uninstall it and before you install it again - using DDU (http://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html).

what are the chances that you'd manually edit some graphics config files - to enhance the view/fps ?
I know that messing with some parameters cam cause odd game graphics behavior.
are you using any mod ? -> can also lead to odd behavior.

also, make sure to run "windows update" - if you're on 8.1 there are numerous updates - but that is a long-shot.

finally, if you can't seems to solve it by software - try to RMA the laptop and complain about heating above the average...try also to request new GPU/CPU pasting OR that the motherboard will be replaced fully.
if you're lucky... they'll be out-of-stock for replacements - and offer you complete new laptop ( g-sync enabled or G752 ?? who knows.....that isn't far fetched... that is how I got my G751JT after my G55VW had a problem and RMAed it )

12-09-2015, 12:09 AM

I cannot praise you enough. I will work my way through that list.

EDIT: I wish I could complain about temps but I'm idling at 39 degrees and sitting at 58 degrees under load for Black Ops 3... These temps rock and frankly the G752 looks like **** compared to this one =)

Think I'm just going to make it my business to learn everything in your guides and hold on to this laptop, I haven't seen many people with temps this low.

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