View Full Version : G551JM Outdated Drivers

12-12-2015, 01:55 PM
Unfortunately ASUS support for drivers is terrible!
I purchased G551JM and a while after that G551JW released, I felt terrible!
However, G551JM is almost a high end gaming laptop, right?

Well, G551JM & G551JW are exactly same and the only difference is in nVidia graphics (860vs960)
All other hardware parts are exactly same, and of course same driver!
Compare driver page for the following 2 models (Win 10 Drivers):


You see that G551JW has very newer drivers, but still not the latest ones, so 1st I got drivers from G551JW.
And then I found some other newer models with same hardware, and used those newer drivers.
The production and release date is important, because ASUS after initial release of a notebook publish its drivers and then leave it, just critical bugs will be fixed and updated!
So should look for newer released models with same hardware part and download that driver and check the compatibility and test and use!
I'm a pro user and am a Windows Developer for more than decade, so I know what I am doing, this is a sensitive task, should not use wrong driver!
But most of the people don't know it and can't do it.
Shame on ASUS, they even didn't bother to copy newer ones from G551JW to G551JM for similar parts!
The same applies to all other models of the company and this is the global company policy!
Just for your info, no need someone from ASUS decline this and tell that the latest ones are already published and those newer ones are not compatible or similar stories!