View Full Version : DIfferent performance while charging and battery mode [G53SX]

12-23-2011, 04:48 PM

I just got the G53SX two days ago, and omg .. It is amazing! I am only enjoying to game on it!
But then again, when the PC is on battery mode, it laggs a bit more .. Which is kinda irritating ..

I have been in the Control Panel and the Power stuff, and chose "Power4Gear High Performance" and under the "Power4Gear" option to the left and set the options under "On Battery" as the same as "Plugged In", but that did not help ..

Where else, can i change that, so it does the same performance while on battery mode and while charging?

- Michael

12-23-2011, 05:11 PM
I'm thinking that the battery just can't push out enough current to run your notebook at 100% in some games no matter what power setting you choose.

12-23-2011, 05:12 PM
You do realize, if you have it in High Performance mode on Battery, it'll suck it down in an hour? I proved this with Arkham City and didn't have much time to grab the power supply before it went into hibernation.

Under WIndows 7, head over to Control Panel then to Power Options. Once there, select High Performance. I would suggest selecting Balanced instead due to the battery taking quite a hit and it'll only go to full speed when it needs to.

12-23-2011, 05:18 PM
JRdlst: Ok, just weird that Minecraft does that(that it laggs on battery mode). Even though it actually takes more than you think to run the game good :) Im not talking about major lagg ..

Simba7: Yes i do know that. Actually, i dont care about how much battery it takes :D If i cant get the charger in time, im tooooo slow .. haha :)