View Full Version : G750JZ: your GTA V configuration

12-24-2015, 01:52 AM
Hello guys,

can you tell me the graphic configuration you use in GTA 5 on Asus g750JZ?

I use all high-very high, fxaa on, msaa 4x, nvida txaa on, vsync on, reflex msaa 2x and nvidia pcss on; in advanced graphic I have long shadows on, high detail in fly on, distance scaling middle.

Whit this I have 35-45 fps in city but when I'm in mountains or in some interiors like houses or yacht, it drops at 25-30 fps... What can I change? I don't like play without antialias...

I'm not interested in have 60fps, for me is sufficient always have over 30...

Mine is g750JZ with I7-4710HQ and GTX880M 8GB