View Full Version : G771JW hdmi with external monitor flickers

12-25-2015, 05:59 PM

I cant connect my G771JW to my external monitor (a LG Flatron W2753WC) via the HMDI outlet. Or I can, but it flickers constantly, even when just moving the mouse. Videos dont really caputre flickers well... but here is one anyways just to prove my point =) G771JW at the bottom, and external monitor on top.


I believe I've understood that it is the Intel embedded video card that is handling the HDMI, in oppose to Nvidia (which only seem to be used internally(?) Anyways, I've tried reinstalling both the latest Intel och Nvidia drivers without any luck. I've also reinstalled Intel drivers in Windows 7 compatability mode (which solved another problem I had, but not this one with the flickering).

Any ideas on what is wrong?

12-27-2015, 09:07 AM
No one got any ideas?

Can someone at least confirm that it is possible to connect an external monitor of at least 27'' without flickering?

also i see now I got the version model wrong of the monitor. it is W2753VC.