View Full Version : G75VW-NS71 Optical drive went out

12-27-2015, 05:12 PM
Some time ago, the optical drive began refusing read any media. Now it springs open every few minutes.

My understanding is that optical drives are one of the easiest things to replace on a laptop. However, as I've no experience disassembling laptops (just desktops), I have to ask: Will this require a specific make and model drive, or can other models fill in, provided they are the correct form factor?

A couple of other things went bad some time ago, following a nearby lightning strike: The internal speaker volume varies randomly; the battery is no longer recognized or charging. The laptop functions with AC power and external speakers. Oh, and I think the headset jack is loose, as the sound on one channel or the other will randomly cut out.

Aside from the optical drive, repair or replace?

12-27-2015, 05:45 PM

buy the drive with same measurements ,
I think u should look for a new laptop