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12-28-2015, 10:28 AM
Hi folks:

Just picked my first ROG notebook and have a question about restoring the notebook's hard disk back to factory default (as if it's brand new).

I understand that recovery DVDs are a thing of the past. I read about the ASUS backtracker application, but I believe it is for older models of ROG notebooks and plus it doesn't work in Windows 10.

In my case here, I believe I press the F9 key to reset/restore the system back to factory correct?

If I replace the 1TB hard disk, I guess I need to purchase a copy of Windows 10.....I remember the days when manufacturers provided you with a copy of Windows and the product key.


05-11-2016, 01:31 AM
I understand Windows 10 is available for download from Microsoft.com at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 where you can get the Windows 10 DVD creation tool.

Read carefully the section titled "Perform a clean installation using USB or DVD". There's a note in that section which refers to activation of the product. Basically, your notebook came with Windows 10 pre-activated for you at ASUS's factory, therefore it has already been given what MS calls a Digital Entitlement (stored at Microsoft's activation servers) for the edition of Windows 10 that came with that specific machine. Thus, upon reinstallation, your Windows 10 will activate automatically after you click on the "Skip" button at the "Enter the product key to activate Windows" prompt during the installation process, provided that you're using a matching installation media set.

Therefore, when you use the Creation tool you MUST provide the same language, architecture (x86 or x64) and edition of Windows that came with the notebook originally, in order to create the correct Windows 10 installation media set for your machine.

Hope that helps,