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12-29-2015, 12:27 AM
Long story short i`ve had a g551jm since december last year and wan't quite please with it regarding the cooling or the throttling. I am also upset because ASUS does not provide all windows 10 drivers for it(but it's not annoying).

The worst part about this laptop is the crappy way to be cooled(i am looking at you g551JW too). Those freaking tiny holes under the keyboard can't do s**t.

So, to cut the chase. I drilled about 15-20 4mm holes under the cooler(voiding my warranty which i will not need because the temps do not reach over 80 degrees celsius now) to actually help the vent get much needed air into it(also helped by a coolerpad which shaves of another 2 or 3 degrees).

CPU FPU TESTING and over burning at stock frequencies at 75 degrees or 80 max after some time ? gaming hard at 60-65degrees gpu for hours ? DOUBLE CHECK !!!

Asus seriously needs to revise it's designs. I also do not approve of a product that needs undervolting/clocking to be used within safe temperatures.

Paradox: I am happy with my laptop and with the rest of it(asus does make good stuff) AFTER i drilled the holes. And no, i still do not care about warranty because it will not be needed since cooling is done 300% better.

Small update. I have replaced the mx4 with Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra. Temps have been consistent during the last month so i will report that this is a much a needed paste for laptops. As a side note i currently have ~23C in my room. Laptop sits in idle at 31-32C and fpu stress testing has reached a maximum of 72-73C with this paste after a month of heavy usage(12H+/day).

2nd and 3rd update: After 3 months of using the Liquid Ultra paste, the temps are the same in full/high load. Cooling pad maybe shaves off 1-2 C but not more, so it is kinda useless now(except i need it to hold my laptop higher).
The better part is that i finally found a mesh to finish my cooling idea from an old coolerpad i had put somewhere. I have included a short fpu stress test. Temperature goes from 32 C idle to 60C > 65> 68 C and then slowly rises to 74 without cooling or 73 with external cooling.

Pics are below, the shape is non-conformist because the initial holes were a tad larger and the corner of the battery did not let me drill a large round hole as i'd wished.


12-29-2015, 02:18 AM
well yeah i saw just tiny holes under the keyboard , lol , maybe u can make a complete tutorial bro , i drilled holes too but just under gpu

12-29-2015, 02:31 AM

Did you happen to take any pics of the mod?

I'm gathering you didn't take apart the notebook (from what I read) to clean up possible plastic shaving bits getting inside from drilling those holes? Then it's probable that it also means you haven't done a repaste either? It's a pretty big difference in temperature with just an intake mod alone, isn't it? Even on a single fan cooling design.

BTW, I'm not knocking your thread if it comes across that way, actually it's quite the opposite! I'm just curious (my nature) as to why go to such great measures as to "voiding" warranty but not go further beyond that and get the other things that will also improve temps like repasting and copper plate modding?

I had to do a similar mod to my G75VX and G751JY to achieve the temps I was looking for while keeping my notebook as stock looking as possible and while being overclocked! My thread for that can be found here: https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?78745-Another-Laptop-Intake-Mod-for-G751JY

I know that doing the intake mod is basically a welcoming invitation for dust to accumulate sooner but, so.. what... if it means lowering temps!
If you're the DIY type of individual, then you're gonna take it apart again and again and clean it and reapply different thermal pastes over the time the notebook is in your possession anyway!

Kudos ctc91 for assessing the problem yourself and learning along the way!

12-29-2015, 07:54 AM

I am going to do a short tutorial in the following period after holidays.


Hey, thanks for kudos ! I did take the laptop apart, repasted and drilled the holes from the inside out on the back cover cleaning whatever leftovers i had from drilling. It doesn't look pro like your mod which is awesome btw, and i had a thought about the large hole + metal mesh but couldn't find the mesh anywhere in the city so i resumed atm to just drill the holes.

LE: i will probably do the copper modding later as atm i have no idea how to this. and the reason for voiding the warranty is that i do not care that much for it after some time a product runs without flaws. In my pc gaming cases days i had an antec 900 drilled cut and wrecked by factory standards including elastic cords to hold hdd's and an old mixer handle on the top side to put my headset in.

12-30-2015, 06:48 AM

Please post a picture of the bottom of your laptop.

I have a 1 month old GL551JW laptop. GPU is ok. It goes to 70-85c at >80% load. But the CPU and MoBo goes to 80++ even if CPU load is just ~30% during gaming.

Reading other topics, maybe I'll just void my warranty too.. Or maybe I'll ask for repaste first then put holes after.

12-30-2015, 10:57 AM

This is how and where it is and i do have to underline that it is far from being a pro mod, mostly because some materials i don't seem to find around here. i opted for the holes to go a bit out of the cooler's diameter because i have noticed that the cooler seems to draw more air from it's exterior circle rather than interior. Also the airflow drawn from here is a lot bigger than that from the keyboard since the cooler draws air from both sides.

I will probably go for some pentagon shape to keep an aggresive design. But this is personal preference for when i add a metallic mesh and decide to actually cut the portion of plastic.

Repaste is a must in any way. Also gpu should not jump over 72-75 since it starts throttling when reaching 80 from what i have seen in my model. Maybe your bios has bigger temps for throttling.

12-31-2015, 07:37 AM
It looks good and although I'd have aligned each hole with equal spacing apart from the next, does not mean, it invalidates all the work you've done to get to that point! I believe in function over form anyway and if you can balance both that's even better but it's not a requirement! After all, this was your goal and after reading the successful results, that you've achieved it. This goes a long way when undertaking future mods, believe me!

It's through this kind of self-teaching are you able to gain enough confidence in yourself to keep improving upon it with each new experience.

Thanks for sharing the picture! I look forward to viewing more of your mods in the future!


12-31-2015, 11:18 AM
I can't really understand why asus messed up with this model while most MSI notebooks designed to handle more load with temprature stress ! Actually 78C is not enough to play new generation games with Dirext X 11 rendering because the temperature goes high Ultimately Fast ... so the only thing left is trying to discover a gaps inside BIOS that may helps to increase tempreture limit . Am doing some modifications and looking more detailed in BIOS with professional BIOS modder so i hope we gonna do it :)

12-31-2015, 06:39 PM
@Dreamonic Thanks for the supportive attitude again ! And yes ! i agree it's not aesthetic but it will be improved in the future if and when i have time and materials to do that. For the moment it suits my objectives. I was thinking about the new gx 700 watercooled series and maybe that is where i will go next. Some-kind-of-watercooling-dock/stand add-on.

@dunedune BIOS modding is another way to go but i personally don't like the software part that comes with it. However, bios modding for unlimited overclocking the cpu as well as the gpu together with better cooling is probably a big step and a way to go for the future, covering both enthusiast users as well as casual users.

01-04-2016, 07:28 AM
I have had some overheating problems with my G551JW and came across this thread while searching for a solution. I decided to re-paste as piro did on his and drill the air holes as ctc91.

My idle temps were around 55-60c and the temperature throttling was really bad, now im down to 30-34 idle or browsing the internet.
The hwmonitor screen is idle with a 100% min/max cpu state power-plan though i usually use a 5/100% balanced.
I did put in a dust screen as well and tried to make it look somewhat nice.

One thing kinda pissed me of though, when I removed the heatsink I found that there where ALOT of thermal paste. I have worked on alot of computer and this is the worst thing i have ever seen and the worst part of it all was that the protective orange plastic was placed off-center and covering parts of the GPU chip and most of the original thermal paste was underneath it.

Anyway I fixed all that ASUS botched for now but seeing the state of the inside made me really sad. I payed good money for this computer and I expected quality but I guess I asked for too much. No more ASUS from me and I will have to stop recommending ASUS to people I know.

Thank you ctc91 for this thread and the inspirations to the hole drilling.

01-14-2016, 10:59 PM
Thank you ctc91 for this thread and the inspirations to the hole drilling.

You are most welcome, and i am happy that i could help people make the best of their hardware !

I agree with the factory pasting, lots of wasted paste, but nothing a good hand can't fix !

01-23-2016, 11:50 AM
My G551JM has been running hot as hell since day 1, so I also drilled some holes like you guys.
Idle temps went down a bit, but playing rb6 siege, temps are pretty bad still.. even disabled turbo from cpu.

Next week i'll re-paste, add few small heatsinks and 2 x 40mm fans to bottom where cpu and gpu are.
Ordered 3pin to usb adapters for fans and usb hub with external power.. let's see if I get this furnace cool down :)

Even thought of watercooling since i've build wc to my 3 last desktop setups :D

01-25-2016, 10:27 PM
Repaste is almost a must, as the factory pasting is sometimes done poorly. A friend of mine added a small fan to the left of the laptop right on the exhaust area to pull out the hot air faster and he reported smaller temps.

02-09-2016, 06:37 PM
I was trying to search 207 bios because of temps my model is the g551jm with 860m 4gb if you have the bios version after 204 that fixes the temps ir else I will need to make some holes too. Just worried about dust on fans...

Btw you problem is gpu or cpu throttle? Because my cpu throttle like 84C even using only 30% vou and 74C on gpu 860m 4gb using around 1990mb playing the Secret World.

Had a G1 and a G74SX and its the 1st time having this issue with Asus.

Note: using a 2 fan deepcool windpal fs all the time and even got that temps in an hour or so (room 18C)


On this review I didn't saw the problems with throttle and cpu hits more then 90C


Shame on you Asus

02-26-2016, 02:16 AM
The latest bios is version 204. No updates have been made afterwards. If you are worried about drilling holes, try a well done repaste on the cpu and gpu and see afterwards.

LE: i am also considering using a paste like Liquid Ultra, since both mx4 and noctua h1, altough offering very good initial results they become almost worthless in about 3-4 weeks of gaming daily.

Update in first post.

05-12-2016, 09:53 PM
Updated the first post one last time with finished project ! Actually, thank you asus for putting my creativity to the test ! Also, thanks to members who showed a positive attitude here!
Sorry for the long delay !

08-24-2016, 04:17 PM

I have a G771jw which is similar to this model but I could not for my life disassemble this laptop. Anyone here could provide me a tutorial video on disassembling this model? Cause it is annoying to have a gaming rig that constantly hit 84 - 85C while gaming...