View Full Version : Where in GL552VW BIOS is "Boot Order" change?

12-29-2015, 03:22 PM
I can't seem to find in the BIOS where to set the boot priority.

My only selection available is booting to WBM only.....what if I wanted to boot from CD ROM first, then the hard disk?


12-29-2015, 03:33 PM
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Also, it is highly advisable to read the ROG's citezen guide to the ASUS galaxy, a real life-saving book:

In the M.A.N.U.A.L. ,Page 79 (http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/nb/G751JY/0409_E9959_A.pdf), you'll find shockingly helpful information that will aid you a life-time.
We presume here that your Private "PipBoy" is currently updated to HW version G751 release JT.
Nontheless, We @Vault-Tec have design the PipBoy to be as universal and familiar as possible between the models... so what might be true for HW version G751 release JT, is 97.34522232% true for the prior & latest PipBoy Models. ( Credits for percentage calculation: Mr. Gutsy)

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Just for example, when we @Vault-Tec, searched for "boot selection" we found not such an old article that might be of use for you.... LOOK HERE (https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?10016-Help-Booting-from-cd-with-Asus-g73jh)

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12-29-2015, 03:40 PM
Well most of the G series notebooks, if you hit the Esc key on booting up will give you a boot menu and you can select DVD or UEFI DVD etc.
BIOS/UEFI should have a tab for hard Drives or Boot Devices. Something like that.

12-29-2015, 03:48 PM
I will try the ESC key and see if I get a Boot option.

So on page 79 of the manual, I was expecting that when I select "Boot Option #1" under the Boot Option Priorities section, I was expecting to see a list of the CDROM drive.

I take it then that I have to select the "Add New Boot Option"?

I have the GL552VW-DH71 by the way.