View Full Version : Black screen asus G75VW HELP Updated

12-29-2015, 07:08 PM
Hello people,

when I was in my BIOS settings for a couple days ago I selected BIOS > reset to default.
I had done a BIOS Update for like 2-3 months ago.

Since that moment I have just got a black screen when I restart my computer.
I have checked so many youtube videos how to solve that.
also read on forums.

I have tested following things:

Removed hardrives
Remove the cable and hold the power button 1 min
Removed both battery and cable hold power button 1 min
I have tested to get any signal by external screen no result.

Here is the info about my laptop 54426

I have tested to put directly on C:\
also a USB stick

following files on the picture below.


then pressed CTRL + HOME

but I dont get any screenflash/result

I did also read the instructions on the thread below:

I have still have got no result

I believe its proberly the name of the Bios file?.

Could someone help me?

my warranty has passed to...

Thank you in advance