View Full Version : BIOS Optimization for Faster Boot Times

12-30-2015, 11:39 AM
Hi all:

Any suggestions for fine tuning BIOS settings to minimize the boot time?

I'm using another non ASUS laptop, and am finding that it passes the BIOS and into Windows so much quicker. Both laptops have SSD as their boot up drive type, and I'm just finding that on the ASUS it takes longer to reach the Windows login screen.

12-30-2015, 02:12 PM
few "street laws" for you to be familiar with:
1. the less info you leave - the less ppl might agree to help you.
general post like this = empty talk = no answer to original question.
2. the more threads you open in less time = ppl sees you as spammer and will not enter you thread, thus it defenitly won't help you.
try to locate a previous, similar in topic thread, then post your question there.
that way, that specifc thread can be an "library" for that topic.

My hope is that you'll understand that so we'll be able to have more organized source of knowledge for the ROG community.

now... if you'll please add some details about what ROG lap model you got... may be I can help.
also, most asus rog laptop in the last few years, have about same bios menus & options +-...
one of the most important option to enable inorder to get faster POST is "FAST BOOT" ( enabled ).
also, if you'll take you DVD drive OUT OF THE LAPTOP you'll cut a very big bottleneck that exist in the mobo, as it works ( on most laptops ) on the SLOWEST bus speed there is ( I.E SATA I instead of faster SATA II/III/PCIE etc.. ) - eliminating bus bottlenecks makes POST faster.