View Full Version : ASUS G752V series with dead / stuck pixel / subpixel possibility

01-03-2016, 12:02 AM
Warning for everyone who bought and think about to buy ASUS G752V.
Check your screen ASAP on black background.
My mistake was allowing for almost 1 week for delivery and 1 week unboxing (lack of time, crazy time at work before Christmas time), so finally lack of time to return product within 2 weeks to shop without any reason (Law in Poland).
Now I have my G752VT which I dreamed, but with f@*&!#& dot on black screen - such wallpaper is all the time on my screen to don't overwork my eyes.
I can go on compromise and set bright wallpaper in order to not noticing the dot, but it is not the solution.
I tried all free solutions from web-based apps, through pressing up to heat treatment, but unsuccessfully. Good to that, I didn't damaged screen more.

ASUS will support, but with minimum 3 bright dots. WARRANTY RULES.

Embarrassing situation, instead to have fun with my G752VT, I must to do such post.
ASUS shame on you!
You shouldn't sell a dreams including a nightmare ;)