View Full Version : G751 vs GL752 and one Broken G75VX

01-04-2016, 02:38 AM
Can you guys give me some advice?
my G75VX died yesterday... it served me very well, i have been really happy with it. its performance, graphics, speed. sure it didn run any games maxed out but they are plenty good enough to enjoy during my hotel stays.

I travel for a living and use it on the road to play stuff like BF4, GR, Elite Dangerous ect.

I have a desktop at home that is my primary rig, where i can get my fix of performance and maxed out graphics. my gaming laptop does not need to run anything on ultra, or over the top graphics like my desktop. I just want to be able to play and it to look good, no crazy expectations here. The laptop just fills the void between the hotel and my desktop.

I hastily did research and came up with two models G751 and the GL752VW

the G751 had an older chipset, proc, PCI 2.0 and overall seemed more dated than the GL752VW. I am ready to buy as i need to get this sorted before my next trip. id like to keep it under $1500, preferably around $1000.
will the GL752 be the better pick? i dont want to go backwards from my broken G75VX that has SSD ect. i will be happy as long as it plays equally as good as my G75VX...

01-04-2016, 05:36 AM
Hey ATR-42,

The G75VX definitely is a great notebook. I still have mine. Too bad that yours had to kick the bucket though.
Did you get a good overclock with your 670MX at least?

So you're looking for a happy medium based on your budget and in terms of tech generation upgrade for those dollars... well, if you happen to be fixed toward the 2 notebooks you mention in your post, I would opt for a G751JL model as it's priced around the same (give or take a few depending on where you look) as the GL752VW. The only difference I see worth noting is the GPU is far better in the G751JL (965M) model as opposed to the GL752VW (960M) model and let's be honest, you buy a gaming notebook based on GPU performance since with majority of ASUS notebooks, the GPU cannot be upgraded. So get the best you can within your budget.

Now, you definitely won't be going backwards if you purchase either of these notebooks!

The GPU hierarchy with the models you've listed with one I interpreted, including your G75VX is as follows: (G751JL) 965M > (GL752VW) 960M > (G75VX) 670MX. I'm sure you are aware of this but figured I'd list it anyway in case others are wondering too.

Since this is more for a respectable FPS gain with gaming on the go for your dollar (STOCK performance vs STOCK performance) against newer, similarly priced models with lower GPU performance, I'd opt for the G751JL. I'm certain that you'll find the GL752VW is closer to your preferable 1k budget in mind however. The G751JL is ahead slightly in terms of GPU future-proofing as newer gamer titles are released but like you said, you aren't looking for the best but ideal, a 960M in the GL752VW will get you there no problem.

01-04-2016, 04:18 PM
Thank you Dream for taking the time to lay that out.

the only 3 things moving me away from the G is its older chipset (prob unfounded), and shipping time. While the GL is the same screen size its physical dimensions are a little bit smaller and lighter too. which may or may not be a good thing.

unfortunately my G75VX was totally stock speeds and still met its unexpected death. :( but i was so happy with its performance.

01-06-2016, 03:11 PM

i wish Asus spent a little more time clearly laying out the differences and marketing between the GL and G series books. (although i could have missed it)

I opted for the GL752... here's why; seemed to have more up to date chipset, processor and memory. sacrificed on the GPU, rationalizing if i was happy with the 670mx then i was pretty certain the 960 would be sufficient. maybe not perfect, but sufficient.
the form factor of the GL is slightly smaller while keeping the same screen size, will be welcome while traveling. the price jump to the 980 gpu, for the G752 was a pretty big leap, around $500, i couldnt justify it for the constant evolution of the GPU.

ive only had it for 24 hours and its been pretty nice. my current games look better than they did on my G75 and hopefully they will run just as smooth.

the only thing that was a smack in the face let down was the audio coming out of the G75 was definitely superior to the GL. having said that most of us use headphones anyways.

i removed the 1TB 7200RPM hard drive and installed the 2.5mm 256gb SSD out of my old G75, formatted it, installed windows 10 and with much help of this forum have it back up and running again. with less bloat and more speed.
there was a perceivable difference between the stock 7200RPM drive on the GL and the SSD i installed in its place. i may install an M.2 SSD samsung 850 256gb later down the road.

im not sure if there were sacrifices made in going to the smaller form factor of the GL vs the G, i wish i could have found more info on that.

its a little weird having built in intel graphics running along side the nvidia 960, doesnt make much sense, and when i disabled the intel HD graphics in device manager the resolution got out of whack so i put it back. it seems like nvidia is doing its job but im not sure how the intel stuff is playing into the equation and if theres more tweaking i should do?

as an aside... i sold the G75VX for "parts" on ebay and it sold in like 10 minutes for $300. im kicking myself because in my experience if stuff sells that quick i priced it wrong :)

01-07-2016, 04:00 PM
G751JT with 970m and G-sync.